Shirakami sanchi is world heritage in Japan, Aomori Prefecture.

Trail/Road Accessibility

 Nshimeya win Shirakami Sanchi


During the winter, some hiking courses and access roads will be closed for safety. Check below for details.
Shirakami Sanchi Guidemap

Access to the Hiking Courses

Nishimeya Area

Hiking Course

Course Travel Conditions
Trail of the Giant Beeches ×
The World Heritage Beech Forest Trail
Climbing Course
Course Travel Conditions
Takakura Woods Nature Trail ×
Expert Course
Course Travel Conditions
Anmon Valley Course ×
Ajigasawa Area


ajigasawa win Shirakami SanchiHiking Course
Course Travel Conditions
Beech Gene Sanctuary Nature Trail ×
Kurokuma Falls Course ×
Climbing Course
Course Travel Conditions
Tayu Peak (Hitotsu Mori) Nature Trail ×
Mt.Tengu Trail ×
Fukaura Area

fukaura win Shirakami SanchiClimbing Course

Course Travel Conditions
Mt Shirakami Mountain Trail (Juniko Course) ×
Mt Shirakami Mountain Trail (Mt Mate Course) ×
Mt Shirakami Mountain Trail (Futamata Course) ×

Road InformationRoad Information Shirakami Sanchi


Route Section Travel Conditions Opening/closing scheduled date
Shirakami Line (Prefectural Route 28) Sunakose to Aqua Green Village ANMON ×
Shirakami Line (Prefectural Route 28) Aqua Green Village ANMON to the Tsugaru Pass ×
Shirakami Line (Prefectural Route 28) Tsugaru Pass to Mt Nishi-Iwazaki in Fukaura ×
Akaishi Keiryu Line (Local Route 3317) Shirakami Line Intersection to Kumanoyu Area × Traffic closed due to landslides.
Re-opening TBD.
Nishimeya Futatsui Line (Prefectural Route 317) Nishimeya Futatsui Line, Entering from Akita Prefecture ×