Shirakami sanchi is world heritage in Japan, Aomori Prefecture.


Hiking the Takakura Woods

Hiking the Takakura Woods
When June – October
Basic Price JPY 10,000/person (min. 1 person)

Hike out through the Takakura Woods, starting from the giant beech “Mother Tree” overlooking the World Heritage designated area.

On the first half of this trail, you will enjoy the lovely beech trees along a gently sloping ridge; then, the latter half continues down a steep decline.

Your guide will explain about the different trees of the forest, the lives of its creatures, and also all about the customs of the hunter-gatherer Matagi people, further enriching your appreciation of the budding greens of spring, or of the glowing autumnal colors.

Hiking the Takakura Woods Hiking the Takakura Woods


Notice of Winter Closures
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