Shirakami sanchi is world heritage in Japan, Aomori Prefecture.

It’s like CG! A pure blue pond in Aomori “Aoike” is super mysterious!

“Aoike” is one of the most popular sites in the World Heritage Shirakami Sanchi.

Aoike at Shirakami sanchi

The name “Aoike” means “blue-green pond.”
It is one of the Juniko in the Shirakami Sanchi.

The depth of the pond’s colors change depending on the time of day, weather, and even your point of view: sometimes it looks like a crystal-clear sapphire, sometimes like the dark surface of the sea at midnight, etc. These different transformations are its greatest charm.
You will become so entranced by the vivid, phantasmal blue that you will not want to look away.

No one has yet discovered the real reason for the pond’s beautiful color changing. It is simply one of Nature’s many mysteries.

You find information on how to visit Aoike on a tour here!
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