Shirakami sanchi is world heritage in Japan, Aomori Prefecture.

Nature’s Bounty, the Fine Cuisine of Shirakami

Shirakami Sanchi is abundant with the gifts of nature.
Various local food products incorporate these precious natural gifts.

1. Meyadofu

Meyadofu is a traditional tofu that only uses water from Shirakami and soybeans produced in Nishimeya town. Due to the damming of a river, the Sunakose and Kawaratai area became flooded and the making of this tofu was forced to a stop; however, in 2012 a project to revive the local region brought back Meyadofu, which is still produced using the original method.

2. Shirakami Raw Honey

Shirakami Raw Honey
Shirakami Raw Honey is a unique product produced by the season, not by types of flower. As each season brings different flowers in different amounts, the flavor is distinct seasonally.

The honey is not heat processed, and thus called “raw honey.”
By not processing in heat, the flavor remains much more intense.
Some local soft-serve ice cream shops offer Shirakami Raw Honey, allowing guests to drizzle as much honey as they wish on their ice cream.

3. Shirakami Soba

Shirakami Soba
Shirakami Soba is made with water from the Shirakami Mountains and buckwheat flour made in Nishimeya town.
We recommend eating it simply as zaru soba (served cold), or enjoy it as sansai soba (served warm) with locally produced mountain vegetables.

4. Shirakami Sake

Shirakami Sake
Shirakami Sanchi also produces fine sake, such as “Ando Suigun” made in Ajigasawa town’s Ozaki Sake Brewery or “Shirakami” made in Hirosaki city’s Shirakami Sake Brewery.