Shirakami sanchi is world heritage in Japan, Aomori Prefecture.


Popular Viewing Point Okuzure

Only an hour and an half hike up from the entrance of the Juniko Course hiki...more

Matagi Huts and Charcoal Making Huts

Long ago in Shirakami-Sanchi there lived the `Matagi` people, who lived through ...more


Tsugaru Dam

Tsugaru Dam in Nishimeya Village is the entrance to Shirakami-Sanchi。The dam is ...more

Shirakami sanchi hiking

Shirakami-Sanchi mountain trails and neighboring roads have been reopened.

For more information,please see this page....more

Gangara Hole

Shirakami Sanchi Scenic Sights – Volume 2

These are some remote spots that will, without doubt, take your breath away. L...more

Shirakami Soba

Nature’s Bounty, the Fine Cuisine of Shirakami

Shirakami Sanchi is abundant with the gifts of nature. Various local food prod...more

Mountain climbing means being prepared! 10 Things every mountain climber needs

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