Shirakami sanchi is world heritage in Japan, Aomori Prefecture.


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Shirakami Soba

Nature’s Bounty, the Fine Cuisine of Shirakami

Shirakami Sanchi is abundant with the gifts of nature. Various local food prod...more

Top 5 scenic photo spots in Shirakami

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Mountain climbing means being prepared! 10 Things every mountain climber needs

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What will you be able to discover!? The Shirakami Sanchi is a paradise for wild animals

The Shirakami Sanchi region is one of the few places left on earth with such gre...more

Walking through fire!? Ceremony in preparation for a bountiful harvest

In Nishimeya, the eastern part of the Shirakami Sanchi, there is a traditional w...more

It’s like CG! A pure blue pond in Aomori “Aoike” is super mysterious!

“Aoike” is one of the most popular sites in the World Heritage Shirakami Sanchi....more

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